Saturday, January 7, 2012

With a Flick of the Wand...

Yesterday was a good day-
I spent some of the morning working on the mural, and the afternoon working on my new sign.
Somewhere in there I also worked on the updated website.

Progress on the mural really started to happen...

Elena and I spent some time looking it over and she asked for a couple of things.
1: The books talk about the giant squid that lives in the lake. She asked if I could add something to let us know it's in there...
2. The Hogwarts logo.

Both requests were easy to make happen, and so today I wrapped up the first mini-mural in her room.  Just a couple more to do!I need to take a picture of this one in the light tomorrow..the flash has left a bright spot in the middle..but you'll get the idea!

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