Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Materials Matter!

As some of you know,  I like to use different materials, depending on the job.
One of them is called HDU or High Density Urethane.  Unlike wood, it has no grain and
won't be eaten by bugs.  One of the brands I use is called Coastal Enterprises Precision Board.
I like the 30lb weight (it comes in less density and much much more!).  They recently did a story about
my work at:

I can only say thank you and keep watching!

Friday, December 13, 2013

Under Pressure

My Thanksgiving holiday came with a bit of a surprise.

A visit to a prompt care facility in Peoria became the kind of adventure I
have little interest in repeating.

After checking my blood pressure, they insisted that I go to
an emergency room.  Once there, I was admitted.  The numbers were
abnormally high, in fact so high they seemed shocked that I looked
normal and was not experiencing pain.
I remained there for 2 nights as they lowered the pressure and monitored
my progress.
I left, but returned within 2 days because other numbers on my bloodpressure
were high.  Another overnight stay and the numbers were lowered.
I was finally released, and have been maintaining a much much lower

I am now seeing my regular physician and following his advice regarding
medication and lifestyle changes.  My activities have not been limited and
I was pleased to find that I do not have diabetes or other complications.
Listening to your body is important, and had I not gone in to see the doctor,
the outcome could have been much much worse.

On the up-side, I have already lost weight and drastically changed my
diet.   The first week or so was a challenge, as the new medications
set my operating pressure much lower than before.  I was very tired
those first few days, but each day has improved and I have more energy
with each day.

For years I have known that I needed to change my eating and activity
levels, and had actually been doing more walking and generally being
more active...but this event made it clear that more serious actions had
to occur.

I simply hadn't realized how very much salt I had in my diet!  Far too much.
I have a feeling many many people don't really have a handle on how much
salt they intake throughout the day.

Anyway, I'm making good progress and am now back at it in my new shop
(which has internet access!!). 

I'll soon be posting more fun pictures of new projects and wish you a very
very happy holidays!