Monday, July 21, 2014

Putting our Brand on Kewanee again!

I just spent the last few days with a great group of people...we were painting a mural in Kewanee, Illinois that celebrates the life of Neville Brand. Neville is an actor that grew up in Kewanee and starred in television shows like Laredo and in many many movies, often as a bad guy.

Here's the thing: There were 5 official painters, but many many others that helped make it happen.  There were people making us food, letting us sleep in their homes, and a hundred other things that helped make the experience something special for us all.  I knew we would have fun, but had no idea it would be a one mural walldog event with all the trimmings.  Thanks to everyone that helped!

The big surprise was a visit from Neville Brand's brother, Bryce, who at 92 years young told us many stories about his older brother. In fact, Bryce took the picture of Neville for the Kewanee football team as seen in the mural!