Thursday, January 3, 2013

You Aren't Actually Building A Droid? R2.

So the foam "test" for the circular piece in the middle of the leg worked ok...I duplicated it in HDU foam and then set up a file to do some little "detail pieces" that attach to the shoulder area.  I set them up in the carving program:

The circular pieces are just a straight carve. The longer pieces have been split in two and are being carved then reassembled front and back when it's done.  The carving was done in HDU with a 1/8" ball nose bit:

They were assembled with some glue, and then sanded, primed and painted with an aluminum paint. Here they are test fitted into the legs.
It's not huge progress, but part of my "get a little done each day" plan.  I'm having fun! Tomorrow I'll begin the middle portion of the leg...rocket thrusters that we finally saw in action in the newer films.

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