Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Robot Award

When I began building the robot sign, I had no plans to enter it into a contest...but when I saw that WETA (the guys who did special effects for movies like "The Lord Of The Rings" series and "Narnia") was holding a contest to redesign/build one of their rayguns, I had an idea to do something really different and incorporate the redesign into my robot sample.
I knew when I did it that it was a bit of a stretch...wonderful prop makers from all over the world were building amazing rayguns for the contest and I pulled a hard left turn and built a robot. 
I was even a little concerned that if I were to win, some might call 'foul'..."You were supposed to build a gun, dummy...not a robot!" 
I was thrilled to find out today that although I didn't win, I received an honorable mention.  They liked it enough to give it it's own award category (The Robot Award).  I'll accept a running, wind up front-flip high five from the folks at WETA any day!
Now on to the next one!